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The Cost for is a web based application that you can subscribe to for any length of time.

The monthly subscription fee for is $29.95. Users are encouraged to keep up their subscription for at least 6 months, although ideally one would continue working their program for a year after having met his/her goals.

Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card each month and you may terminate at any time. You may terminate by clicking Discontinue Subscription on your Account Page. Please read all about the program and our Terms of Use policy before purchasing as PsycTech, Ltd does not issue refunds.

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Confidentiality statement:

Because trichotillomania can be quite devastating, it is common for people to be "in hiding" about their symptoms, not wanting anyone to know about their behavior. With this in mind, we have created a secure storage environment for our subscriber data that is protected by both hardware and software firewalls and housed on a dedicated server. Personal, identifying information will not ever be accessible to anyone at PsycTech, Ltd.

The authors of this program will, however, have access to "bulk statistics" which are large amounts of information, not tied to any individual, for the purpose of program evaluation. For example, the authors will be able to know on average, how many hairs subscribers pull daily, or the most common part of the body from which people pull, but will not know the identity of any of these individual subscribers. It will also be important for the program designers to see how hair pulling changes over time as subscribers use the program and to "hear" any comments subscribers have about the utility of the procedures described. This information will help us broaden the base of knowledge about trich, optimizing the utility of, and to help advance future treatments.

By taking part in you are agreeing that the anonymous information you provide to us can be used in our efforts to evaluate and improve our program.

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