Our experts

StopPulling.com was developed by leading experts in the field of trichotillomania. The program is based upon years of clinical practice and empirical research.

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Dr. Suzanne Mouton-Odum:

Dr. Mouton-Odum is a licensed psychologist in private practice who dedicates most of her clinical time to treating individuals with trich and skin-picking disorders. She has been treating these disorders since 1992 and has published articles on the mood states associated with trich and group treatment for trich. Dr. Mouton-Odum has published several books on trichotillomania, including “A Parent Guide to Hair Pulling Disorder- Effective Strategies for Parents of Children with Trichotillomania.” She presents at national conferences on Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors and their treatment. Dr. Mouton-Odum has served on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Trichotillomania Learning Center (TLC) since 2002 and attends and presents at their national conferences.

Dr. Melinda Stanley:

Dr. Stanley is a licensed psychologist and a professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas. She has published widely in the areas of trichotillomania and obsessive compulsive disorder and has conducted epidemiological research and clinical research trials with patients having obsessive compulsive disorder and trich. She is currently a consultant to the TLC’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Nancy Keuthen:

Dr. Keuthen is a licensed psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology/Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. She is a leader in the field of treatment of both trich and skin-picking having published extensively on treatment for both of these disorders. Dr. Keuthen has co-authored the only strategy-based self-help book for the treatment of adults with trichotillomania (Help for Hair Pullers), as well as the only clinical summary outlining cognitive-behavioral treatment for skin-picking. She serves on the Scientific Advisory Board for the TLC.

Drs. Mouton-Odum, Stanley and Keuthen are all recognized as leaders in the treatment of Body Focused Disorders.